Getting started

I've just enrolled in the Creative Arts program so "Creative Arts Today" will be my first course with OCA. I opted for this particular course of studies because I've always had an interest in both writing and photography and didn't want to have to choose between them. I hold master's degrees in two other disciplines and have worked for the Canadian federal government for the last 17-1/2 years, but I've long had an itch to do something on the creative side. This course will allow me to do just that.

I'm looking forward to exploring new (to me) ideas, interests and techniques in the arts and to reflecting on them. I realise that I could do that without a formal series of courses, but I enjoy studying and the discipline will help me to give proper time to the work while holding down a full-time job.

I'm also looking forward to engaging with my fellow students and to learning from them, whether via this site or through social media.