Grudging appreciation

One of the benefits -- sorry, the only benefit -- of having beavers in the area is that you're guaranteed to have a pond in short order. The pond in question here is on farmland immediately behind our place and the lack of an outlet for the water means that the creek is gradually flooding our yard.

We've had the City send trappers several times over the years to... uhhh... relocate the little darlings (hats and mits, I expect). It's always a struggle to get the City to respond, so I usually fall back on reminding them what would happen to the nearby road should the dam ever break. By the time I get done with the clerk on the phone, the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse sounds suspiciously like a semi-aquatic rodent.

The beavers are insatiable pests, so I have to keep reminding myself not to admire their industry. And I have to further remind myself not to enjoy the pond they've created, especially when the sun shines through the clouds and my youngest son and I go to take pictures of the riot of colour reflected on the surface of the water.

No. Must...not...appreciate...beavers.