Dignity meets patience

I saw this gentleman at the rally for Egypt in Toronto's Dundas Square on January 29.

I wandered into the demonstration almost by accident and had a very interesting time in the company of an unusual collection of fellow-travellers: Iraqis, Tunisian pro-democracy types; a mix of pro-gay, Communist and broadly anti-regime Iranians; anti-mutilation feminists; a Welshman draped in his national flag; semi-pro malcontents; and the list goes on.

This gentlemen, a Tunisian-Canadian, stood out by reason of his calm demeanor and dignified appearance. He told me he'd been in Canada since the early '70s and was excited to see the changes that are taking place in his country of origin and those around it. I wished him well and said I hoped future governments would be able to offer their people freedom and prosperity.

That's not everything in life, but it's better than what many people enjoy now.