New York City!

We had the chance to visit New York a couple of months ago during my son's March break from school. This was my first trip to NYC, but it certainly won't be my last! Just a day's drive from our home, there's no reason not to come more often.

This shot is a vertical panorama of the main building at Rockefeller Center.

I had a lot of first impressions -- the realization that I could drive in New York during rush hour and not be involved in an accident (the pedestrians here are much more aggressive than the drivers); the overwhelming scale and vitality of the place; the awareness of just how much of our collective idea of what constitutes a modern city is tied up in New York; and the sense that there is something new around every corner.

To tell the truth, Ottawa-Gatineau seemed like pretty small beer when we returned from our trip.

What took me so long? Dunno, but I'll fix it.