Coulonge panorama

This panorama of three stitched images gives a good view of the main drop of the Coulonge Falls during the spring runoff. This is my first attempt at a stitched image and, while I'm fairly happy with it, there are a number of things I will do differently for the next one.

For example, I can see how a panoramic head, or at least a spirit level, would be very helpful. I took the component shots on a tripod with a ball head and estimated by eye how to line up the images. I didn't do too badly, but it could have been better (as you can see from the edges of the image that I've left in place).

What else did I learn? Umm... always remember to wipe the spray off the lens between shots.

All that said, I think I may be developing a taste to do some more panoramas. Stay tuned.