I'm stumped. I liked this image well enough to post it to my Flickr account, but didn't think it was any great shakes. It's just a quickie shot taken on an enjoyable summer's outing -- some nice blue-green bokeh and two sharp little ladybugs getting intimate.

(At least, I think they're getting intimate -- I know so little about insects that one of them might actually be devouring the other. Which is also an intimacy, I suppose.)

All that aside, I've been surprised to see the response this shot has generated on Flickr. In no time at all, it has made it into Explore and become one of my most "interesting" images. Now, I know that Flickr's "interestingness" has been talked to death and that gallons of pixels have been spilled on the Colonel's secret recipe of views, comments and speed of response that lie behind the index. The whole mess is sometimes dismissed as a perverse kind of popularity contest that rewards some types of images (puppies, kitties, babies, boobies) and ignores others entirely.

I know it frustrates many people on Flickr when they believe that their best work -- or sometimes all of their work -- is passed over by Explore. I understand that completely. So, when a shot of two amorous (or carnivorous) red dots gets the nod, I have to admit... it kinda bugs me.