Let the season begin

The Aylmer Marina is still looking somewhat forlorn. But with evenings that are warm enough for an after-work stroll with the family, and skies like these, it won't be long before the docks are out and the basin fills with pleasure craft.

I don't have a boat myself, but it's at moments like these that I realize how other people having boats is still a part of my summer experience. I don't have the direct pleasure of edging my sailboat out past the lighthouse and buoys at the marina's mouth, but being able to see the boats and other people enjoying them becomes part of my enjoyment, too. Second-hand enjoyment is still enjoyment (minus the cost and sweat of maintaining a boat).

And, while we're on the theme of enjoyment, I'm still getting a kick out of my new Canon G9. It doesn't stand up to my Nikon D70s on close inspection, of course, but no one ever pretended it would. Instead, it promises to be a camera you can always have with you, that you can pull out on a moment's notice on an evening stroll. Like I did on this evening. And will again.