Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerfulI recently went to the Canadian Museum of Nature with my 11-year-old son so we could spend an afternoon looking at interesting rocks and bones. I had my Fujifilm XE-1 and he had his iPod (I'm secretly pleased to see him using the built-in camera with the Camera+ app more and more).

There was no shortage of things to point a lens at and the time flew by as we explored parts of the museum we hadn't seen since the renovations were completed. Given the concern to preserve the artifacts on display, it's not surprising that most of the facility is not brightly lit. On the other hand, the central staircase and the new glass tower are open to blazing sunlight. As a result, I found that I was switching back and forth between ISOs 200 and 3200 as I moved from one part of the building to another. (I chose well in using the Fn button on the XE-1 for quick access to the camera's ISO settings.)

Reasons to be cheerful? The wide open grin of the skeleton in the first picture made me think of the Ian Dury song and fit well with the afternoon: time spent in a beautifully-restored building, with a camera I love more every time I use it, in the company of my son with the seemingly boundless energy and unapologetic curiosity.

What could be better?

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