Baillie Road, New Year's Day

The background in this shot shows low clouds over the Eardley Escarpment at the edge of the Gatineau Hills in the Ottawa Valley. It's a stitched pano made from 10 exposures with my Canon G11, so it's unfortunately difficult to see in anything but the largest size.

I drive along this road every day on my way to work and keep meaning to stop and do something with the often-interesting light and conditions. This time I was on the way back from church and had a camera in the car, so there was no reason not to stop. The escarpment is a more-or-less sheer drop of some 800' and covers a large sweep of the landscape, so I thought it deserved a panoramic view.

This is my first picture of 2012, so it gets me out of the photographic and blogging gates for the new year. I don't normally go in for resolutions at the start of the year (although I did promise myself to visit both New York and Paris in 2010 and managed it), but I'm going to aim to shoot and blog more this year. I think at least one posting a week is a reasonable goal, so let's see how well I stick to it.

A Happy 2012 to all!