CN Towering

Toronto is full of buildings that are indistinguishable from those you can see in any other North American city. The CN Tower, though, makes the Toronto skyline unmistakeable.

I remember it being built while I was in high school and following its progress with interest. It was exciting to think that the world's tallest free-standing building would not only be built in Canada, but would be clearly visible from the featureless bedroom community where I spent my teens. Bramalea was (and likely still is) just a place to buy groceries and sleep, but the tower on the horizon was a visible reminder on the horizon that interesting things were happening, not far away.

Since the tower was completed in 1976 -- a doubly-big year for Canada with the summer Olympic Games in Montreal -- the structure has been photographed from every possible angle, in every light, in every season. It's been done to death. At the risk of being cute, finding something new to say about it visually is a towering challenge.

So I won't for a minute flatter myself that this view is unique, but it's different enough for me that I think I'll be able to enjoy it for some time. And, if I let it, the picture might help remind me that interesting things are always going on not far away, whatever age I am.