Touching calm and composition

I've been having a lot of fun with the Apple iPod Touch 4 I bought just after Christmas. It's my second Touch (Number 2 Son has inherited the first), so I was familiar with the hours of music I can keep on the device and the wifi access that it gives me. My earlier model was my constant travelling companion as I visited Canada's capital cities in connection with my last job.

With the new model, though, I was dying to see what the built-in camera would do for me. And I haven't been disappointed. It's no dSLR, but it's not meant to be. And that's a good thing.

The Touch is always in my pocket and I can find a few moments for photography wherever I am in the middle of my workday. I have a very busy job, so this means that I can inject a little bit of something I enjoy into the daily madness. It's like therapy, only cheaper and faster (and effective!).

I'm finding that the limited camera controls are encouraging me to pay more attention to the basics of light and composition, rather than adjusting settings and wondering if I should really switch to a different lens. I took this image during a quick lunch break at work, while a colleague was waiting in line to pay for his slice of gelatinous pizza. Personally, I think I got the better end of the deal...

The Camera+ app I've been using is also a terrific piece of software. It lets me upload my shots directly to Facebook and Flickr and offers a range of post-processing choices to adjust colours, rotation, cropping and borders (like the pseudo-Polaroid one here). At US$ 1.99, it's a terrific bargain. If you use your iPod or iPhone camera much, I encourage you to check out this app.

Now back to work, just a little more relaxed...